Randolph - Aviator - 22K Rose Gold - Designer Eyewear.


A great pair of sunglasses in a very classic and timeless design.

The Aviator in 22k Rose Gold. A luxurious finish, steeped in heritage and fitting for both men and women. Defined by a history of durability and backed by generations of metal artisans. Whether driving, piloting, or simply relaxing, live your extraordinary life with lifetime guaranteed frames.
Randolph's Gold plated frames are handmade in the USA, electroplated in responsibly sourced gold at 5 times the eyewear industry standard. Using responsibly sourced and recycled 22k Gold, the frames go through an exclusive rigorous plating process to make sure they shine brilliantly for years to come.
**Due to the Exclusive nature of this Item, delivery from USA will take 10-15 working days.

Randolph - Aviator - 22K Rose Gold

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