Collection: Christopher Cloos

Christopher Cloos is the story of meeting an enigmatic man at a beach club in the South of France. At the elegant Paloma Beach Club, the two founders became acquainted with an intriguing man from Monaco who had an extraordinary taste for the good life. He was a man of the world who never settled for less than the best.

The man introduced himself as 'Christopher Cloos' and the founders were immediately struck by his fondness for timeless sunglasses. He told the founders that he would always be found with a classic pair of sunglasses and a smile on his face as he indulged himself in the life of a 'Bon Vivant'. 

Full of inspiration, they decided to create their own line of affordable sunglasses reflected by the style of Christopher Cloos. Get yourself a piece of this fun and exciting lifestyle with your very own frame from Christopher Cloos!

Christopher Cloos