Hoya Clear It Anti-Fog Wipe.


Genuine Hoya Clear-it Anti-Fog Wipes. Hate your glasses / Goggles and ski masks fogging/steaming up while using them? The Hoya Clear-it Anti-Fog Wipes are designed to combat this.

Our recommendation is to wash the lenses carefully BEFORE application to prevent scratches. For better result, clean with Hoya Microfiber Lens Cleaning Cloth. Use the Clear-it anti-fog cloth to rub both sides of the lens for 5 to 10 times or breath directly on the lens and wipe.

Each cloth can be used approximately 60 times, but this depends on the size of the lenses and the usage of the cloth. Once applied can last for 2-3 days, if you are not cleaning.

So what we tend to advise is if you’re cleaning your spectacles once per day, then the cloth will work for 60 days, twice a day would mean the cloth only last for 30 days. The lenses will stay fog free for approximately 72 hours if humidity is around 60.

The wipes can be used on glasses, sunglasses, crash helmet visors, goggles, ski masks and more!  

We will also include our exclusive Spex in the City Microfiber Cloth for you to wash and re-use.


  • This Cloth is Non-Washable
  • Approximately 125mm x 130mm

Hoya Clear It Anti-Fog Wipe + Microfiber Cloth

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