Zeiss Pre-Moisten Lens Wipes 200 Pack.


As a manufacturer of lenses across multiple industries including cameras, microscopes, and spectacle lenses, Zeiss know a thing or two about optical surfaces. These wipes work gently to clean oil or dirt without streaking and, crucially, without damaging the coating on your lenses.

Often the screens on our mobiles, smartphones or tablets are visibly dirty – not surprisingly, given that we use them multiple times per day. We operate the touchscreen using our fingers and the dirt in our bags or pockets gets on the screens.

This is not very hygienic. Up until now, there was no practical alternative for cleaning the surface of the screen – other than wiping it off on your trousers or T-shirt, which is not an ideal solution.

The new, alcohol-free ZEISS clean screen wipes can help. Thanks to their non-abrasive formula, they are suitable for all optical surfaces. These individually packaged, pre-moistened disposable wipes clean screens quickly and easily without leaving streaks, smudges or scratches.

ZEISS is following the recommendation from smartphone and tablet manufacturers who suggest using alcohol-free, non-aggressive cleaning agents in conjunction with a gentle cloth.

Zeiss Pre-Moisten Lens Wipes 200 Pack

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