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Hoya - Single Vision Lens

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$195.00 - $505.00
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Choose from a range of different indexs (How thin you would like or need the lens)

Then choose your coating

Finally choose if you would like them clear lens, Tinted, Polarised or Reaction (Clear to tint when exposed to UV rays)

Hi-Vision LongLife


Hi-Vision LongLife is proven to be Hoya’s most durable anti-reflective coating. It guarantees exceptionally clear, relaxed vision while prolonging the life and look of the lenses.

The condition and performance of your lenses depend heavily on the quality of the coating. This is Hoya’s hardest, most durable anti-reflective coating. Its scratch-resistant, water, dirt and dust-repellent properties remain almost intact, even after intensive cleaning.

The Benefits

  • Longer lifespan of the lenses
  • Clearer, more relaxed vision thanks to glare reduction
  • Protection from accidental scratches
  • Easy cleaning due to water-, grease-, dirt- and dust-repellent layers


Hi-Vision Blue Control


Smartphones, tablets, computers, televisions and GPS devices all emit blue light. Long exposure can lead to eye strain, eye fatigue and even sleeplessness. Our coating for digital lifestyles ensures a more relaxed vision and better ocular health.

This is a protective coating that reduces the blue light emitted by digital screens. It is the optimal solution for the large group of users who come into contact with digital screens throughout the day, including students, gamers, young professionals, office workers, and children. As well as protecting the eyes, the coating provides higher contrast and a more relaxed viewing experience.

What’s more, our research* shows that when they are made aware of the harmful effects of blue light, 78% of patients find blue light control lenses attractive and 58% have the direct intention to visit an optician for more information. Accordingly, this coating offers you attractive new sales opportunities.

*Millward Brown: Consumer attitude towards anti-reflective coatings. Research commissioned by Hoya Vision among 1,204 eyeglass wearers in six European countries, November 2012)

The Benefits

  • Enhanced contrast, improving clarity and color perception
  • Reduced glare for more comfortable and relaxed vision
  • Reduced blue light, preventing eye strain and fatigue


Hi-Vision UV Control


UV rays can be harmful. It is the main cause of cataracts and other eye disorders and diseases. Almost all our lenses block UV rays from the front. With Hoya Vision UV Protection, you can offer complete UV light protection – front and back.

Although many people are aware of the damage caused by direct exposure to UV rays, the dangers of indirect exposure and reflections are less well known. This protective coating is applied to the back of spectacle lenses, preventing UV rays from reflecting into the eyes. When combined with our lens materials that block UV rays from the front, it provides 100% protection from harmful UV rays.

The Benefits

  • Prevention of UV aging the eyes
  • Prevention of UV damaging the eyes
  • Protection against UV related eye disorders and disease
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