EPOS Milano

EPOS Milano

A indépendant frame manufacturer from Italy.  Bringing a fresh collection of metal and acetate frames.  Always producing great styles in great colours.

From the founder: At that time my grandfather dressed, with great success, the Milanese gentry who attended the elite clubs and theatres in the city, amongst which “Scala”.

He was proud to design and create a certain elegance without time for his clients.
One day he looked at a gentleman who had just come out of a tailor changing room, dressed in an elegant suit, but with a pair of spectacles of sheer charm on. He was a famous English archaeologist who loved Greek culture, myth and of epic gestures of the Olympic Gods......

...So it was that evening, sitting at his writing desk at home that my grandfather started to design spectacle frames of harmonious and elegant forms in colours both frugal and natural; spectacles just as his tailored suits would have made him proud in creating objects “without time”.

He did not have the opportunity to complete that project, which I was fortunate enough to find and which I named “EPOS” in memory of his inspired and distinguished English archaeologist.
Epos is a collection of spectacles “without time”, from legendary names.


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