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We met a lovely 14 yr old boy with a -18.00 prescription. He is such a lovely boy and his dream is to study hard and become a ships captain. His glasses were in a shocking state. A lens company in the uk donated thinned lenses specially made for him. We donated a frame and lenses  and as easy as that he is confident in his new glasses.

His  letter to us :

7th march 2012

Dear Gillian

Hallo and how are you? I truly comprehend that you're fine and above all kicking live. I personally, I am good and augmenting.

My main Intention for writing to you this letter was to appreciate in advance for the pair of spectacles that I just got on the 6th March. Well it was a big surprise on my face with a lot of enthusiasm it was not until I wore them that I commenced recalling how you committedly came just for a day from the UK. This showed me that they really loved me. I was really jovial and I felt on top of the globe because I had the first pair of spectacles ever to be designed.

It seemed so sophisticated psychologically. I feel a lot of comfort with them since they are clear / transparent, and to add salt, I'm as happy as a king to bounce back once again.

I have an appraisal that they are good and above all I'm contented with them. I am so glad also to be on your website which sounds brilliant.

Once again thanks a lot and may the almighty lord's blessing rain on you vigorously. Please be in touch and recall also to pay a complement to your friends for me.

Yours faithfully



  • Apr 25, 2018
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