Opticians Near Me 2020

Not all opticians are created equal.  You have to make sure you go to a well trained, well equipped, well stocked practice.


You will get an idea of this when you visit the store and speak to the staff, a well trained member of staff will be knowledgable and able to guide you to finding that perfect pair of glasses.

The optometrist will also be very friendly and knowledgeable you should never feel rushed in a exam the optometrist should always give you time before, during and after for answering any questions you may have.


When having your test the optometrist will go through a routine this varies by different optometrist.  In general they should go through the following:

1. Symptoms and History (To find out why you are testing your eyes and any problems the optometrist should look out for)

2. Refraction (will include measuring the pd, checking vision without glasses checking lens power and checking final vision with correction).  This is done for both Distance and near.

3. External exam, either using a ophthalmoscope of slit lamp

4. Internal fundus examination (Here the optometrist should look inside the eye to check of the optic nerve, blood vessels and retina are all healthy)

At this point depending where you go the optometrist may use a direct ophthalmoscope, fundus camera or an OCT depending on your choice of exam

5.  IOP (eye pressure) This may be done using a hand held or fixed apparatus or with a numbing eye drop.

6.  Supplementary test.  These test are done as pre test in some practice or as and when required.  Will Include Auto refraction (computer aided record of your prescription) Visual Field test (test the sensitivity of the retina) and Colour vision test.

7. The important conclusion to tell the results and recommendations and should open the floor up to you for Q&As

8. The optometrist should then hand you over to a dispenser to explain your discussions and recommendations.  And you you will be walked through your choices of frames and lenses according to your new test. 

This list is not exhaustive but a good indicator of what to expect in your eye test.  For more information visit:



To book your eye test with our fully qualified optometrist follow the link below or call the store on 02072400243.



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